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Welcome to the CSLP!

The Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance is a multi-institutional research centre of excellence composed of dozens of faculty researchers, a diverse professional staff, and a large number of graduate students.


Researchers work with a number of collaborators and associates from across Canada and around the world.


Our Centre also enjoys active partnerships with a range of individuals and organizations in the educational community who contribute to our research and help to actively disseminate the results of our projects.

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Satellite centre at UQAM/Antenne du centre à l'UQAM

The CSLP is very pleased to announce the establishment of a satellite centre at UQAM - see our team!
Le CEAP est très heureux d'annoncer la création d'une antenne du centre à l'UQAM - voir notre équipe!

ABRA promo video

Hear testimonials from the field on ABRACADABRA's magic.
See [Youtube]

ABRACADABRA, Changing How We Learn airs on Kenya's Tazama TV show

2014 Sept. 15: ABRACADABRA, Changing How We Learn airs on Kenya's Tazama TV show. This 7 minute segment provides an overview of the CSLP-Aga Khan Academy collaborative literacy project that has been funded under the SSHRC Partnership Development program. See [Youtube]

Digital Resource Exhange About Music (DREAM) Launched!

DREAM is a bilingual website where music teachers can view descriptions of digital tools, rate them, and share tools that help them and their students. You can see DREAM [Here]

LTK Version 3.0 has arrived!

The CSLP is pleased to announce that Version 3.0 of the Learning Toolkit (includes ePEARL v.5.09, ABRACADABRA v.2.9, a redesigned ISIS-21 v.2.0, the ELM prototype, and the new READS v.1.0) has arrived and is ready for download [at]

Job Posting

The CSLP is looking for a Web Developer. See [more...]

Improving literacy skills with ABRACADABRA

Article by Larysa Lysenko, Eugene Borokhovski, Philip Abrami & Anne Wade in Perspectives on Language and Literacy [more...]

iScore International Creative Collaboration

This "Harmonious CoExistence" video shows an international collaborative composition using iSCORE. Developed by a team at Queens, The Royal Conservatory and the CSLP, iSCORE is an adaptation of the CSLP's ePEARL.[See...]

LTK Newsletter

The Spring, 2014 issue of the LTK Newsletter is now available See [more...]

Professors debate the best way to teach math

Annie Savard is part of the the debate in an article in University Affairs.
[More ]

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