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The Learning Tool Kit (LTK)

Leader: Abrami, Philip C.

Linked Researchers: Brodeur, Monique ; Bures, Eva ; Chechile, Michael ; Davidson, Ann Louise ; Dedic, Helena ; Gagné, Andréanne ; Laplante, Line ; Medwid, Roma ; Mercier, Julien ; Rosenfield, Steven ; Savard, Annie ; Schmid, Richard ; Trudeau, France ; Turcotte, Catherine ; Venkatesh, Vivek ; Viens, Jacques ; Waddington, David ; White, Beverley Joy

This theme addresses the ongoing design, development, and testing of the Learning Tool Kit (LTK), which includes ABRACADABRA early reading software, ORME early mathematics learning software, the e-PEARL e-portfolio system, and ISIS-21, a tool designed to help learners develop effective information literacy strategies. Drawing on insights from Axis 1, work in this theme aims to improve student learning and fostering students' understanding of their own motivational and self-regulatory processes.

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