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Welcome to the CSLP!

The Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance is a multi-institutional research centre of excellence composed of dozens of faculty researchers, a diverse professional staff, and a large number of graduate students.


Researchers work with a number of collaborators and associates from across Canada and around the world.


Our Centre also enjoys active partnerships with a range of individuals and organizations in the educational community who contribute to our research and help to actively disseminate the results of our projects.

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LTK Version 3.0 has arrived!

The CSLP is pleased to announce that Version 3.0 of the Learning Toolkit (includes ePEARL v.5.09, ABRACADABRA v.2.9, a redesigned ISIS-21 v.2.0, the ELM prototype, and the new READS v.1.0) has arrived and is ready for download [at]

Job Posting

The CSLP is looking for a Web Developer. See [more...]

Improving literacy skills with ABRACADABRA

Article by Larysa Lysenko, Eugene Borokhovski, Philip Abrami & Anne Wade in Perspectives on Language and Literacy [more...]

iScore International Creative Collaboration

This "Harmonious CoExistence" video shows an international collaborative composition using iSCORE. Developed by a team at Queens, The Royal Conservatory and the CSLP, iSCORE is an adaptation of the CSLP's ePEARL.[See...]

LTK Newsletter

The Spring, 2014 issue of the LTK Newsletter is now available See [more...]

Professors debate the best way to teach math

Annie Savard is part of the the debate in an article in University Affairs.
[More ]

How Concordia researchers are fighting online hate speech

Article in Concordia News talks about Vivek's new funding awarded from the Kanishka project, a Public Safety Canada initiative supporting research on counterterrorism. [More ]

Job posting

The CSLP is looking for a Creative Director. See [more...]

Congratulations to Annie Savard

The CSLP would like to congratulate member Annie Savard for receiving tenure at McGill!

Federal Minister for Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada Announces Kanishka grant winners

Congratulations to Principal Investigators: Vivek Venkatesh, Robert McGray, Tieja Thomas, & Jihan Rabah who were awarded a $172,340 grant from Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada under their Kanishka program.

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