Downloadable resources for you & your classroom. Free to use, copy, adapt/modify and distribute “for noncommercial purposes; however credit the CSLP when doing so.

Teacher Guides

These in-depth guides provide detailed information on using ABRA, including tool activities, best practices, tested classroom management suggestions, and information on the assessment module (for tracking student progress in ABRA).

Country-specific guides help teachers use ABRA to meet their specific curriculum requirements.

North American Edition            Kenya 2nd Edition                    UK Edition  


Quick Guides

These short guides provide information on using the tool effectively. These guides can be printed for consultation in the classroom.

Kenya Quick Guides

Lesson Plans

These lesson plans support ABRA’s online activities.

Sounds, Letters, and Words (Alphabetics)

Understanding the Story (Comprehension)

Reading (Fluency)

Writing (Typing)

Extension Activities

Teacher Aids


These guides are intended to support teachers in Kenya by focusing on a Kenyan context.

Kenya: Cooperative Learning

These guides suggest activities that use Cooperative Learning to help foster a positive learning environment in Kenyan classrooms.



These documents are geared towards providing supplementary support.




These documents are meant to be consumed by students. As they have space for students to fill out, you may need to print multiple copies.

Activity-Specific Worksheets

These handouts focus on a particular activity in ABRA. They can be used in conjunction with the online activities to help students develop their skills.



Parent Resources

Parents play an important role in their children’s development of numeracy. The CSLP has created a resource page and a flyer to provide information and resources to parents.