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Kim McDonough, Ph.D.


Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics
Applied Linguistics and TESL
Tel: 514-848-2424, Ext. 5168
Office: LB 583-1

Kim McDonough is Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics who joined the Department of Education at Concordia in 2010. Her research interests include psycholinguistic approaches to second language acquisition, classroom-based acquisition research, usage-based approaches to acquisition, and task-based language teaching. She carries out research on the acquisition of second language grammar and vocabulary in laboratory and classroom contexts. Her interests also include the use of technology to promote peer interaction in second language classrooms and the development of interactive tasks for use in second language classrooms.



  • PhD Applied Linguistics, Georgetown University, 2001
  • MA TESOL, Michigan State University, 1998
  • BA Political Science and Studies in Religion, University of Michigan, 1992


Professional Experience

  • Associate Professor, Applied Linguistics, Concordia University, 2010-present
  • Associate Professor, Applied Linguistics, Northern Arizona University, 2008-2010
  • Assistant Professor, Applied Linguistics, Northern Arizona University, 2005-2008
  • Assistant Professor, DEIL, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2001-2005


Representative Publications

  • McDonough, K., & Chaikitmongkol, W. (in press). Collaborative syntactic priming activities and EFL learners’ production of content questions. Canadian Modern Language Review.
  • Kim, Y., & McDonough, K. (in press). Using pre-task modeling to encourage collaborative learning opportunities. Language Teaching Research.
  • McDonough, K., & Sunitham, W. (2009). Collaborative dialogue between Thai EFL learners during self-access computer activities. TESOL Quarterly, 43, 231-254.
  • McDonough, K., & Kim, Y. (2009). Syntactic priming, type frequency, and EFL learners’ production of wh-questions. The Modern Language Journal, 93, 386-398.
  • McDonough, K. & Trofimovich, P. (2008) Using priming methods in second language research. New York: Routledge.
  • Kim, Y., & McDonough, K. (2008) Learners’ production of passives during syntactic priming activities. Applied Linguistics, 29, 149-154.
  • McDonough, K., & Mackey, A. (2008). Syntactic priming and ESL question development. Studies in Second Language Acquisition, 30, 31-47.
  • Kim, Y., & McDonough, K. (2008). The effect of interlocutor proficiency on the collaborative dialogue between Korean as a second language learners. Language Teaching Research, 12, 211-234.


Current Projects

  • Dr. McDonough’s current research projects are exploring the effectiveness of collaborative syntactic priming tasks for promoting the acquisition of grammar in L2 classrooms. She is also investigating the relationship between input types, prior knowledge, and EFL learner’s comprehension and production of the double-object dative construction in L2 English. The next phases of these projects will involve the design and implementation of collaborative priming tasks and input-based interventions that target additional languages, L2 classroom contexts, and target structures.  


Courses Taught

  • Graduate courses:

    • Research methods (Concordia, APLI 660)
    • Second language acquisition
    • Fundamentals of second language learning and teaching
    • Psycholinguistics
    • Cross cultural aspects of language learning
    • Topics in ESL: Task-based language teaching
    • PhD seminar: Interaction in SLA

    Undergraduate courses:

    • Language acquisition (Concordia, TESL 341)
    • Language in the US
    • English grammar and usage
    • Introduction to linguistics
    • Introduction to English grammar
    • Senior seminar: Language acquisition



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