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About Child Studies at Concordia


If you would like to prepare for a professional career working with children or conducting research that focuses on them, the Department of Education offers the BA in Child Studies, which has made its mark on the field, preparing graduates to work as early childhood educators and administrators in a variety of settings, including day and after-school care programs, and to work with children experiencing a wide variety of special needs.

Many of the graduates of our BA programs subsequently continue their education through graduate studies in education, child studies, psychology or social work. The breadth of early childhood studies is reflected in the range of our faculty research interests, which include:

  • the study of parent-child and sibling relationships;
  • issues related to child care;
  • language and literacy;
  • social and cultural processes;
  • cognitive processes;
  • inclusive education;
  • media and technology;
  • physical activity;
  • health and well-being.

In all of our Early Childhood/Child Studies programs, the focus on children extends beyond the context of educational institutions to consider family, community and cultural contexts and influences.



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