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Concordia Department of Education Graduate Student Symposium 

25 March 2023 

Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance 
1211 St. Mathieu Street, Tiohtià:ke / Montreal, Québec, Canada H3H 2S2 

09:00 – 09:45Registration
10:00 – 10:45 Keynote Address: Mapping social and environmental relations: Institutional ethnography as an interdisciplinary method of inquiry
Dr Mitchell McLarnon
Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Concordia University
11:00 – 12:30 Paper Presentation Session 1
Lacking a Pair of Shoes: Education Between Resonance and Alienation
Neslihan Sriram, Jayanthan Sriram

Considering Montreal’s Underground as an Epistemic Site: A Rhythmanalysis
Eija Loponen-Stephenson

How would Freire respond to the Brazilian anti-Freire movement?
Vitor Yano

Institutional Experience: Interviews with Museums
Jacky Lo
Paper Presentation Session 2
Enhancing Youth and Adult Education in Brazil through Creative Literacy Classes
Patricia Rodrigues Chagas

Enhancing tolerance for ambiguity in the art room.
Nancy Long

Listening to, and Collaborating with marginalized youth to combat online / offline hate-speech
Natasha Doyon
12:45 – 13:45Lunch Break
Poster Presentation Session
Revolution in revolution: Creative art therapy as an intervention for Iranian international students hurt by the occurring revolution in late 2022
Elaheh Khademi

Life on the Edge: An interdisciplinary design-based research project and the development of a new survey tool to measure the self-determination theory dual-process model for digital game-based learning
Liam Byrne, Stephanie Trigonakis, Muhammad Shahrom Ali, Amanda Sidiras
14:00 – 15:30Paper Presentation Session 3
Student communication time during a teacher planned ESL class
Audrey Lamontagne

Beyond the walls of classrooms: exploring the pedagogical, effectiveness, and acceptance of text-to-speech-based shadowing on the development of Mandarin tones
Sue-Anne Richer

Teaching Collaboration in the University Context
Stacey Cann
Paper Presentation Session 4
L’intelligence artificielle – un curieux dernier rempart de la confiance
Adèle Aubin

Language power-levelers: analysing the strategies employed by self-regulated learners in the digital wilds
Dana Kirkpatrick

Exploring AI and AR in the Art Class
Jihane Mossalim

A Tangled Pile of Threads: Craft Making for Mindfulness
Sarah Pearson

Click here to download the full schedule and list of abstracts.