Richard Schmid – 40 Years in the field of education

40 years in the field of education

Richard Schmid, professor of education in the Faculty of Arts and Science, has been at Concordia for 40 years, and he has no problem keeping up.

He started out as an assistant professor in the Department of Education in 1978, 10 years into what is now Canada’s oldest academic program in educational technology.

Schmid acknowledges that although technology has evolved significantly over the years, the program’s foundation, one of community orientation, is still the reason it’s thriving. Schmid himself is thriving too, due in part to his enthusiasm for his work and the fact that he’s been attending a workout class twice a week for the past 27 years.

“When I turned 40, I felt like I’d fall apart if I wasn’t exercising, so I went down to the old Victoria School gym on De Maisonneuve Boulevard. The facilities were horrid, a far cry from what we have now at Le Gym, but the classes were just as great,” he chuckles.

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