Call for Participants: “Census” of Educational Technology Alumni

Participate in a “census” of Educational Technology alumni that several of its faculty are conducting.  The “census” specifically explores these issues:

  • Current jobs
  • Professional development efforts
  • Satisfaction in careers and current jobs.
  • Career plans for the next five years
  • Opinions and concerns and future state of the field of educational technology
  • Reflections on experiences in the educational technology programs and the influences of those experiences on careers

The survey takes about 30 minutes to complete.

As an incentive to participate, you will be provided the opportunity to have your name entered in a draw for a $25 Amazon gift certificate when you complete the entire survey. Although we will request information about you to send the gift certificate, your identifying information will be kept separately from your survey responses, ensuring that they remain anonymous.

The results of this study will be shared later this year in a webinar for our alumni. More in-depth analyses will be published in academic journals and might also be presented at conferences.

To participate in the study, visit:

The survey remains open through August 9, 2019.