Speaker Series Videos

In the age of the Truth and Reconciliation calls to action, how can we create reconciliation opportunities through education? Why is it important to do so in language teaching and learning?

William G. Lindsay (May 16, 2019)


Non-interventionism as research in critical sociolinguistics: Learning to listen when communities talk

Dr. Mela Sarkar (March 26, 2019)


Plurilingual approaches to language instruction from the language learners’ perspective

Dr. Caroline Payant (March 5, 2019)


Translanguaging’s awkward adolescent phase?

Dr. Susan Ballinger (February 19, 2019)


Collaboration on a settlement organization’s ESL curriculum: Focus on pragmatics

Dr. Julie Kerekes (January 22, 2019)


Affordances of plurilingual pedagogy for critical literacy engagement in second language classrooms

Dr. Sunny Lau (November 15, 2018)