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Beyond the Classrooms: Education for a New Millennium

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Welcome to the 1998 Student symposium Web site -- Beyond the Classroom: Education for a New Millenium. The Symposium is an annual event organized by students in Education at Concordia University. It provides a venue for students from education and other disciplines to come together in a collegial but casual atmosphere to share ideas and experiences about the research, design, and practice of education.


Concordia's Student Symposium '98 invites graduate and undergraduate students from Concordia and neighbouring universities to share recent research, papers, projects, and works-in-progress with others in a friendly, collegial atmosphere.

Presentation formats include: research papers, poster sessions, workshops, roundtable and panel discussions.

For example, some proposal topics may include (but are not limited too):

1. Education and Culture,
2. Education and the Young Child,
3. Distance Education,
4. Global Learning,
5. Learning communities,
6. Technology and Education,
7. Non-traditional forms of Education,
8. Case studies/Reflections on innovative educational experiences

How to Submit the Proposal:

This is not a competitive paper call. The organizing committee wants to include as many proposals as possible.

All applicants are invited to submit abstracts in French or English for 30 minute presentation sessions. Submission forms are available at the Freidman Resource Centre (LB-559-4), or from this site (under construction).

Please call (514) 848-2012 for more information or e-mail: jeane_ca@alcor.concordia.ca

Proposals should be submitted in electronic format (disks will be returned or send by e-mail - RTF for Mac or PC) include the name, address and phone numbers of the proposer and any co-presenters, a title, an abstract (approximately 200 words), and a brief description of the mode of presentation. Also list equipment requests (LCD panel, overhead ).
You should also explain how your presentation relates to the Symposium theme.

In past years we have had presenters and attendees from Concordia University, McGill University, Université du Québec à Montréal, and Université Laval in Québec City.This year, we are inviting participants from these and other universities to continue this tradition of graduate student interaction that has proven successful.

This web site is under construction but it will be your up-to-date resource on what is happening with the symposium, and how you can get involved.

If you have any other questions or want to know how you can get involved, you can email Jeanette Caron at