Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can I get involved? 


At present, we work with pre-selected English language classes at our respective universities. We visit classes at the beginning of the semester to invite students to get involved and participate in the project. If you think your class would be an interesting place for us to visit, then please contact us!


How can I read your research? 


Our data collection and analysis runs until 2024. You can expect to see some publications appearing on our site before then, but the majority of our published results will appear following the conclusion of the project.  


Am I multilingual? 


Very probably! Multilingual people simply have more than one language in their language repertoire. We do not conceive multilingualism as indicating an advanced competence in a language. In this project, we specifically focus on multilingual students whose strongest language is a language other than English. 


I expressed interest in the project, but I am not sure what to do next. 


Once you have consented to take part in the project, you will be enrolled to a project site on your university’s learning management system (Concordia: Moodle, York: eClass, UBC: Canvas). If you can’t find the relevant page, then please contact us and we will help you!


I’m having trouble submitting my responses. 


Please contact your local team for support 


UBC: MUSE.project@ubc.ca


Concordia: MUSEproject@concordia.ca


York: MUSEproj@yorku.ca