All events occur in the Concordia Conference Centre in the John Molson School of Business (MB) Building at 1600 Boulevard de Maisonneuve West, 9th floor. Note: When entering the building, make sure you take the elevators that go to the 9thfloor. One bank goes to the lower floors in the building, the other goes to the upper floors.



Welcome, Introductions & Keynote

Dr. Patti Shank, author of the Deep Learning series of books

Coffee Break & Poster Session 

Addressing poor learner engagement in MOOCs using Artificial Intelligence methods
Abir Itani (Concordia University)

Mobile applications as performance aid for children
Erika Suillivan (Concordia University)

The model of growth for emerging leaders: Take the leap and grow
Sonia DiMaulo (Harvest Performance)

Co-creating culturally relevant digital education resources
Roxanne Desforges (McGill University)

Iterative Innovation: A team effort to revamp experiential learning activities in an instructional design course at the Graduate level
Jeremy Tanguay (Concordia University)

How “free” are open educational resources?
Saul Carliner (Concordia University)

A Non-profit Organization (CHEFAIDE) demonstrates how communities of practice can truly improve lives and transform communities.
Dominique Kpoghomou (Concordia University)

Workshop Session 1

The Business of Instructional Design
Edouard Rotondo (Studio 7 Communications)

Facilitation Fundamentals: A toolkit For Ed Tech professionals
Joan Butterworth (McGill University) & Tannia Ditchburn (Concordia University)

Panel Session 1

Evaluating the impact of your training. Is Kirkpatrick still relevant?
Claude Charland (Charland and Associates)

Ed Tech in China: Opportunities and Pitfalls
Penelope Colville (English Games Academy)

Perspectives from the field
Michelle Savard (Concordia University), Wendy Appelbaum (Concordia University)

Lunch Break

Panel Session 2

Lessons learned from preparing educators to guide learners through a social innovation challenge
Ivan Ruby (Concordia University), Ann-Louise Davidson (Concordia University), Jorge Sanabria Zepeda (UDGVirtual), Ben Douek (Concordia University)

Growing online programming by leveraging a consortium of colleges: The success story that is OntarioLearn
Patrick Devey (Algonquin College)

Educational development as a career path
Janette Barrington (McMaster University), Marcy Slapcoff (McGill University), Eva Bures (Bishop’s University)

Workshop Session 2

Leveraging design thinking for a human-centred approach to learning
Kristina Schneider (Accenture Design Thinking Academy)

Coffee Break

Panel Session 3

Shaping the future of work: Supporting international graduate students in securing employment through the Concordia Co-op Industrial Experience Program
Stefanie Corona (Institute for Co-operative Education, Concordia University)

A Case study of Microlearning to support training transfer
Naomi Burton Macleod (Concordia University)

Creating a new model for the reintegration of formerly abducted young mothers in Northern Uganda
Michelle Savard (Concordia University)

EdTech @50 Banquet 


Cracker barrel  Session 1

When the learner is the technology: How self-knowledge impacts learning, development and performance
Nancy A. Drab

Here’s to the First 50 years of Ed Tech… Now, get ready for the next!
Paul Cholmsky (Founder, LearnerKinetic / former VP R&D, ExploreLearning)

Knowing, doing, being: A systems perspective on 20 years of designing for competency based curricula in Quebec
Chrstine Trusdale (LEARN) & Sylwia Bielec (LEARN)

The most valued skill in my Ed Tech Toolbox: Online video design and development
Melanie Wilson (Workplace Safety and Prevention Services)

The Five Ws of microlearning
Alison Piper

The smartest way to manage large amount of PowerPoint content across your organization
Rong (Eva) Zeng (Concordia University)

Coffee Break & Poster Session 

Demo Session 1 + Workshop Session 3

Using the Adapt authoring tool
Ann Vergeylen

Dive into Ocean School
Heather Delegran (National Film Board of Canada)

SALTISE workflows: Changing the dynamics for instructional designers
Elizabeth Charles (Dawson College), Rob Cassidy (Concordia, CTL), Jeremie Choquette (Dawson College)

Coffee Break & Poster Session 

Closing Panel

Past, Present, Future of EdTech
John Baggaley (Emeritus Professor in Distance Education, Athabasca U, Alberta), Robert Bernard (Concordia University), Saul Carliner (Concordia University), Giuliana Cucinelli (Concordia University), David Wells (Director of ITS, Marianopolis College), Dennis Dicks (Concordia University), and Juan Carlos Sanchez-Lozano (Cenfotec University, Costa Rica), Moderator: Richard Schmid (Concordia University)